GOMEL Jewish Religious Neighborhood Lead of the neighborhood: Leonid DIMENSTEIN, tel

GOMEL Jewish Religious Neighborhood Lead of the neighborhood: Leonid DIMENSTEIN, tel

53 forty-two 05, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 1-a complete number of Jews: 7600. The city try formed in February 1992, joined during the January 1993. Activities: minyan from inside the day: Shaharit – 9:00, Shabbat – 9:00, Kabbalat Shabbat. You will find an establishing off a great synagogue.

GRODNO Jewish Spiritual Society Head of your own community: Tsvi Khosid, tel.forty two 07 95, 17 September St.step 14/step one – 1 Final amount out of Jews: 1280. The city try molded in may 1992, registered into the September 1993. Activities: Shaharit – 9:29 from inside the few days, Shabbat – 9:00.

KALINKOVICHI Jewish Spiritual Area. Head of one’s people: Yakov ERENBURG, tel.2 03 57, Pervomayskaya St. 2, suitable.twenty two. Final number out of Jews: 800 Town are designed into the Summer 1992, inserted into the December 1992. Activities: minion from inside the month: » Maariv » – , Shabbat – . There was an effective synagogue.

MINSK Jewish Spiritual Area « Beth Isroel » Direct of your own community: Lazar PINKHASIK, tel.234 56 12, Dauman St., 13-b Final number off Jews: regarding the 40,100. The city was designed within the August 1994, registered in-may 1995. Activities: minion inside the few days: Shaharit – 8:31, Shabbat – nine :00. Discover 6 houses regarding former synagogues extant.

The complete city mourned him or her

MOGILEV Jewish Spiritual Neighborhood . Head of the society: Naum IOFFE, tel. 24 77 eleven, 2nd Krutoy For each and every., 3 Final amount out of Jews: 7,five hundred. Town try molded when you look at the March 1992, inserted into the April 1992. Activities: « Kabbalat Shabbat », « Shabbat » – 9:00, Child’s Club . You will find step 3 structures out of former synagogues extant and you can a beneficial Jewish cemetery.

MOLODECHNO Jewish Spiritual Neighborhood  » Hevra Tegilim » Direct of the neighborhood: Gennady BASKIN Final amount out-of Jews: 1,100000 . The community is molded inside September 1998, inserted in February 1999. Activities: »Kabbalat Shabbat ». There can be step 1 synagogue.

ORSHA Jewish Religious Area « Hevra Tegilim » Head of your own people: Semyon RYVKIN, tel. dos 79 08 Final number out of Jews: step 1,600. The city are formed for the July 1998, inserted for the October 1998. Activities: Shabbat group meetings and you can prayers, a teens club, a collection. During the Orsha there are two main buildings off former synagogues extant and you will good Jewish cemetery.

PINSK Jewish Religious Neighborhood « Beth Israel » Head of one’s people: Iosif LIBERMAN, Tel.243 20, Irkutsko-Pinskoy Divisii St.,12 Final number of Jews: 5,one hundred thousand. Town try shaped in the September 1992, registered for the December 1992. Activities: servicios de citas en sus 30 Prayers inside the day- Shahart -9:00 Kabbalat Shabbat Shabbat -9:00 For the Pinsk you’ll find 3 buildings off former synagogues extant, a good Jewish cemetery. There’s a Jewish university and a kosher canteen.

POLOTSK Jewish Religious Society Lead of your society: Final amount out-of Jews: step one,one hundred thousand. The community was entered inside the 1995 registered into the Circumstances: Welfare, Saturday evening Shabbas.

SLUTSK Jewish Spiritual Neighborhood  » Hevra Tegilim  » Direct of neighborhood: Valery GUZMAN, Final number from Jews: 1,two hundred. The community is formed from inside the August 1998, inserted in March 1999. Activities: « Kabbalat Shabbat ». Discover a good synagogue strengthening. To Map Build On Area

VITEBSK Jewish Religious Society Direct of your own neighborhood: Wulf KLECHEVSKY, tel. 44 53 40, Kolkhoznaya St., 4 Total number from Jews: seven,five-hundred. The community was molded within the November 1992, inserted in January 1993. Activities: minion from inside the few days – Shaharit- 8:30, Shabbat – 9:00. There are two main buildings of previous synagogues extant and you can a good Jewish cemetery. The information try taken from;

There are 2 buildings out-of former synagogues and you may good Jewish cemetery There are two structures from former synagogues and a Jewish cemetery

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